Insight into MaryJanice Davidson’s Deja New

Deja New by MaryJanice Davidson

MaryJanice Davidson asks that age-old question in her latest novel, Deja New if you give birth to your mother, does that make you your own grandmother?

Leah Nazir is one of the world’s top Insighters. She helps diagnose why your life is such a mess because she can see what you screwed up in every one of your past lives. She knows who you were and why that makes you act the way you do now. And it is not just everyone else’s past lives she can see, she is fully aware of all of her own past lives and each of those lives has included the one person she can never, ever get along with—her own mother.

Time and again Leah and her mother have been at odds. Lifetime after lifetime things have not gone well between them. It is not just simply that they never get along, in some lives her mother has been responsible for Leah’s death.

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